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Dr Charles Armstrong is a Perth based obstetrician and gynaecologist.

Dr Charles Armstrong

My expertise

Dr Charles Armstrong - Obstetrician Perth

Obstetrics: antenatal, delivery and postnatal

A general overview of my services as a Perth obstetrician.

Dr Charles Armstrong - Gynaecologist Perth

Gynaecology: beyond women’s health

A general overview of my services as a Perth gynaecologist.

Dr Charles Armstrong - Pregnancy Journey Perth

Your pregnancy journey starts here

An overview explaining the milestones in your pregnancy.

Dr Charles Armstrong - Endometriosis Perth

Endometriosis: everything you need to know

Symptoms, diagnosis and the treatment of endometriosis.

About me

Both as a Perth obstetrician and as a gynaecologist, I value the input you give me as a patient. I look forward to work together, to guide and support you, and to help you make the best decision for yourself.
Dr Charles Armstrong - Perth

Dr Charles Armstrong

Ask me anything

Obstetrics FAQ

It’s really difficult to answer that question.  I’ve worked in obstetrics for almost 30 years, 20 years of that within the public system.  Every day has been different; sometimes delivering 5 or 6 babies within a day, occasionally more, and sometimes none.  So it is really not possible to quantify those numbers.  Suffice to say, quite a lot!  I have been in private practice for about 12 to 13 years now, and those numbers are a little easier to estimate.  So, that would be about 3000 private births.  

My Caesarean section rate is around 40%. The average Caesarean delivery rate for Australia is about 33%, with an average rate of 45-50% for private obstetrics.  There are a number of private hospitals in Perth with an average C-section rate of >50%.  The average for Mount Lawley lies at around 40%.  

There are many reasons for having a C-section, and there are pros and cons of vaginal delivery and Caesarean.  I attempt to justify the approach for each and every delivery and try to make the best decision with you and for you.

The best time to come in for your first visit is probably around 8 weeks.  At that stage I can scan you, which saves you having to go elsewhere for a scan, and ensures all is going well at that stage.  Anytime between 8 and 10 weeks if OK.

The usual stay after a vaginal delivery is 4 days, and 5 days for a C-section.  If you’re doing really well and want to get home sooner, that’s great.

Some mums just want to get home, and others want to stay and enjoy the care!  If you need to stay longer you can, but the hospital is not paid by the Health funds for a longer stay, so there needs to be a medical reason.  At SJOG Mount Lawley Hospital you can elect to stay longer as a ‘boarder’, if your baby is in the nursery for instance.

Gynaecology FAQ

Any form of bleeding after the menopause is not considered normal.  It is important to exclude important causes such as abnormal cells in the uterus. However, the most common reason is a lack of oestrogen, making the vaginal walls thinner, and more liable to minor abrasion, causing bleeding or staining.
I’m not aware of any particular age that you should have your first gynaecological examination. Your first examination would more often than not be when you need your first cervical screening test.  In usual circumstances, this is at 25, although there are specific situations when you should be offered CST earlier. If you have specific symptoms, such as very heavy, or painful periods, then that might suggest the need to consider an assessment and examination.
The new ‘Pap smear’, called the Cervical screening test, tests for HPV infection.  You should have your first CST at aged 25, unless there are specific circumstances to suggest otherwise.
Too much menstrual bleeding is any amount that you think is more than you’d like.  Menstrual loss can be measured and quantified, and over certain amount can technically be called menorrhagia’.  This is unhelpful, and unrealistic. If your periods bother you for whatever reason, then there are usually effective ways to help.

Dr Charles Armstrong

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