Private obstetrician Perth

What to expect from your journey

If this is your first pregnancy or if you have delivered your previous baby in another part of the world, then this overview will help you understand the ‘milestones’. But even if you have had babies before, you may find it useful to refresh your memory and go over the most frequently asked questions.

Private obstetrician Perth

When do I have to
see an obstetrician?

Sometimes it is useful to see me even before you are pregnant, if at all possible. If you have experienced challenges in previous pregnancies, or if you have general health concerns prior to conceiving, then I can help you prepare in the best possible way.

In early pregnancy, you will need lots of information and the general guideline is to definitely see an obstetrician in the first ten weeks of your pregnancy.

From here on we will take it step by step and I will help you understand the important milestones on your journey.

Private obstetrician Perth

What to expect
from my first consultation
with you as my obstetrician?

We will look at the test results to confirm your pregnancy. The next step is for my practice midwife and I to get to know you and your health and/or pregnancy history. We will talk about your standard blood tests and plan the ultrasounds, as well as discuss your diet, your general health condition and your personal situation.
Private obstetrician Perth - Dr Charles Armstrong

This is where we start our partnership and shared journey, to help you handle the physical, mental and emotional journey that lies ahead.

Quite often the first consultation can be a bit overwhelming because you are still digesting the news and you may have dozens of questions. We will take the time to answer them wherever possible, and make sure that you are well informed about the next steps.

One of the main reasons I love being an obstetrician is that it is all about working together. Your body does the hardest work. I am here to help, to offer expertise and experience, and to carefully listen to your story and assess the test results. Being on this journey with you and your partner is what makes the work so rewarding and I have known this since I first walked into an O&G unit as part of my training.

Private obstetrician Perth

How often will I need to
see my obstetrician?

There are a few important milestones for ultrasounds and routine tests:

  • Routine blood tests to check your iron levels and infections
  • 6-12-week scan or first-trimester ultrasound: it is used to confirm your pregnancy, the viability and the number of babies and helps us determine your estimated due date.
  • 18-20-week ultrasound (second trimester): we check your baby’s development and the position and size of your placenta.
  • Between 24-28 weeks: gestational diabetes check
  • Third-trimester scans: this ultrasound looks at the baby’s growth, the position of your placenta and the fluid levels.

This is a general schedule and we personalise it based on what we discuss in our first consultation.

It could be a health condition or anything in your personal life that impacts your wellbeing.
If you simply feel more confident with a higher frequency for your antenatal care visits.

We will go over your questions and sometimes you will see that the further you are in your pregnancy, the more questions arise. My role is to help you deal with the information, whether you found it online or got it from someone who gave you advice.

The benefit of having a private obstetrician is that your antenatal care is 100% personalised. We will talk about your preferred birthing method, your arrangements with the hospital’s maternity ward and your postnatal care and support. Your visits will alternate between seeing the midwife or myself. Our practice midwife does not assist with delivery – at that moment you can count on the team of hospital midwives.

Private obstetrician Perth

How often will I see the midwife?

Our practice midwife is a key player in your journey. We work together to assess all incoming test results, to plan your appointments and to follow up with you in between appointments.
The role of the midwife in antenatal care, delivery and postnatal care is critical. Her experience will help you understand what your body is doing and how it is preparing for the big day.

If you have any concerns at any time during your pregnancy, you can count on our practice midwife and on our whole team, to support you and take action when necessary.

Private Perth obstetrician

Why I love being a
private obstetrician in Perth

O&G has always involved a lot of hard work and long hours. I first walked into an O&G unit when I was at medical school. From that moment onward, I know it was the one thing I wanted to do. I have (nearly) always tried to and (mostly) succeeded in enjoying what I do. It is a specialty that brings joy and life to women and their partners, to families and communities.

My private practice is located at 2 McCourt St in West Leederville, near SJOG Subiaco Hospital. When you decide to work with us on the miraculous journey that lies ahead, you will be in good hands.

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Our phone number will then be 08 6323 0867.

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