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Above all,
be kind!

Dr Glenn Lewis, one of the senior obstetricians I spoke to when I started my private practice said to me ‘above all Charles, be kind’. Even after he sadly passed away, I have always remembered his words. To me, being kind means that I work with you, value your input and opinion and build a trusted partnership to prepare for the arrival of your newborn.

Perth obstetrician

Integrity is key

I believe that one of the key things you deserve when you choose a Perth obstetrician is integrity. What that means to me is that I am here to help you make decisions, by discussing the best options openly. Throughout my career, I have always focused on earning and honouring the trust that is put in me when you prepare to give birth.

Integrity means that we build a safe environment to discuss the bigger picture of your pregnancy, your journey so far, and the steps and milestones that lie ahead. I am aware that medicine can be paternalistic and patronising at times.

In Perth, we have some of the best maternity hospitals in the world, and I am grateful to be part of a highly qualified team of experienced nurses, midwives and support staff to prepare the best possible birthing experience.

Private Perth obstetrician

Kindness matters

As my mentor told me, kindness really matters in all areas of healthcare and even more in obstetrics. As you prepare to look for a Perth obstetrician, you would look at maternity wards, hospital packages and the benefits of giving birth in the private system. But you would surely ask around about the personal experience other women had with their obstetrician.

I believe that the starting point is to create an atmosphere of genuine kindness when we work together.

Perth obstetrician Dr Charles Armstrong
To me, kindness also means that I respect your story, your journey, your preferences and your personal take on your pregnancy. I love building this relationship of trust with you and your partner, so we can make sure you feel supported and cared for.

Perth Obstetrician

The "looking in the eye" approach

When you are asking around about Perth obstetricians, chances are that you are also looking for a straightforward communication process. Even if we establish a relationship of trust and respect, that doesn’t mean we lose ourselves in fluffiness. As you plan the milestone tests and ultrasounds, and as we discuss the results, my focus is to help you be clear and well-informed. As a specialist doctor, my focus is on the information and on making sure that you get the clarity you deserve.

That is what I call my ‘looking-in-the-eye’ approach. When important information is available, I will take the time to discuss test results and outcomes with you, so you can make well-informed decisions and choices.

Clear and concise communication is also one of the key aspects of what I consider ‘best practices’ for an obstetrician. Working across continents, I have learned from every consultation and every delivery.

Perth obstetrician


They say that it often helps to look at life with a bit of humour. When the time is right and when the situation allows for it, I believe it is important to look at the bright side and to lighten things up a bit.
You will hear everyone talk about ‘relaxing’ as you prepare to give birth and that is why I believe that seeing your obstetrician should not create any unnecessary stress. As we follow up and discuss the information, we will look at the positives, deal with the challenges and keep a positive attitude.

Perth obstetrician


When you look at the months ahead, you want peace-of-mind and you want your obstetrician to bring experience to the table. Ever since my days at medical school, I loved the ‘O&G Block’ and was drawn to it at the start of my career. I have always seen obstetrics and gynaecology as closely connected sub-specialties.

Throughout my years in England, Scotland, New Zealand and now here in Perth, I have always valued the rewarding side of my work as an obstetrician. I realise that my role is to become an important part of one of the most special times in couples’ lives. At the same time, my experience in gynaecology includes counselling when times are tough, or making a difference when women are going through a difficult time. It also includes surgical experience and expertise in complex situations in theatre.

I am passionate about the medical side of my role and how it can blend in nicely with the human aspect. So if there is anything about my experience, my approach or my practice that you want to know more about, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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My practice is located at 2 McCourt Street, near SJOG Subiaco Hospital.